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Who We Are

BD360 is a specialist renovations company with over 2 decades of experience servicing the Greater parts of Toronto. We deliver quality and on time service through our professional project managers and contractors who work efficiently to ensure your projects come to life from ideation stage to the final outcome. Our major concern and focus is renovating homes and offices to meet with international standards.

What We Offer

As a first class and leading company in the world of classy renovations, we are set to meeting the specific individual, family and corporate needs of living in a comfortable and standard environment. Our primary focus centers on essential components of home remodeling, which include: kitchen cabinetry, bathroom, painting as well as planning and designing.

Our Clients

Our clients comprise all those seeking renovations for their homes and offices. This could be individual homeowners or corporate organizations. We are equal to every category of task as we are well groomed to meet each need of clients. For both big and small organizations, corporate players (large commercial enterprises) and government agencies, we are experienced enough to handle all renovation related tasks.

Our Core Principles And Goals

Consultation: We are patient and ready to listen to your idea after which we make our professional suggestions. We do not enforce our opinion on our clients, but listen to theirs and polish it up. Service Quality: At Bd360 Renovations, we use the best team of contractors who demonstrate nothing but professionalism to deliver high quality job. You can be sure of 100% satisfaction with our services as we have achieved this goal severally. Our contractors are experts having the best grasp of skills required for modern architectural designs and property renovations. Timeliness: We work to meet deadlines knowing the place of time in any business venture or in meeting individual goals. Affordability: It is true that quality comes with high cost but at Bd360 Renovations, we work within your budget while focusing on quality. BD360 RENOVATIONS, GIVING PROPERTIES A MODERN LOOK! Give us a call or fill out a form to book your free consultation today!

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